Terry Kyllo

The Rev. Terry Kyllo is a Lutheran pastor serving as the executive director of the Treacy Levine Center. He also serves as the the director of Neighbors in Faith. TLC is an interfaith organization dedicated to bridging divides of race, religion and culture. NIF is an organization dedicated to remembering ourselves as neighbors, answering a thirty million dollar per year Islamophobia industry, and living into the beloved community.Through this work Terry has learned that we have forgotten how to recognize other humans, the value of humans and so have lost a part of our own humanity. Terry believes we do not have to live this way.
 A graduate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, he has been a pastor since 1991 and has served in partnership between Episcopalians and Lutherans since 2004. He is the author of two books, Being Human and Apprenticeship. Terry was the recipient of the Faith Action Network Interfaith Leadership Award in 2016, the Interfaith Leadership Award from the Muslim Association of Puget Sound in 2017, and the Sultan and Saint Peace award in 2017. He lives in Anacortes, WA with his wife Sheryl. They are parents of two daughters, Lauren and Shelby. They both enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, and playing with their dog Ginger.